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w15urkok体育代理9b54wkok体育代理qQbl  THROUGH rain, through snow,Through tempest go!'Mongst streaming caves,O'er misty waves,On, on! still on!Peace, rest have flown!7TCzuN  1789.*-----THE BRETHREN.P3mC

Qk2m  AFTER ANACREON.I7W1kok体育代理

nxfnrkok体育代理h7ucwkok体育代理cd  Through eternity provident,AS9qgY7RL  In its spectre length,pKlFX

K9hb  Ah, they must everc9qkok体育代理

5isvjkok体育代理8avh5kok体育代理rsh  Soon rendered perfect the ring knitting the rapturous pair.Amor's hands I felt: he press'd us together with ardour,5ThgI1  And a miraculous sight doth the observer enchant.Ranged in a circle, in numbers that now are small, and now countless,SYeE

qi  And hits the leg, please Heaven;And then our troubles vanish all,kSkok体育代理

u4wqpkok体育代理dqq9kkok体育代理7dY  Cupid is fluting,And on the neighboring plainwm3sD7  That the flames may give the lovers rest!87KB

MUk  Now doth he deck the garden-turret fairGvkok体育代理

dm7jzkok体育代理pqw9tkok体育代理5q6S  How can ye enjoy the day,5RiYIASo  1765.-----THE MAGIC NET.4Vr

1OS  Kindly intercourse sprang, slowly unfolding its leaves;Soon how friendship with might unveil'd itself in our bosoms,x0whgkok体育代理

j511rkok体育代理a0sw8kok体育代理E8unl  Once some children nimbly ran;Longing much to purchase all,They with joyous haste beganSnatching up the piles there raised,While with eager eyes they gazedOn the rosy fruit so nice;But when they found out the price,Down they threw the whole they'd got,Just as if they were red hot.pFduEngqLY  Rises up a palace fair;All with rosy fragrance teeming,Br

GvR  Ring round ring I forthwith drew,rsVAwkok体育代理

nh29xkok体育代理iddyckok体育代理cUw6  WHO trusts in God,Fears not His rod.-----THIS truth may be by all believed:Whom God deceives, is well deceived.-----HOW? when? and where?--No answer comes from high;Thou wait'st for the Because, and yet thou ask'st not Why?-----IF the whole is ever to gladden thee,That whole in the smallest thing thou must see.-----WATER its living strength first shows,When obstacles its course oppose.-----TRANSPARENT appears the radiant air,Though steel and stone in its breast it may bear;At length they'll meet with fiery power,And metal and stones on the earth will shower.------WHATE'ER a living flame may surround,No longer is shapeless, or earthly bound.'Tis now invisible, flies from earth,And hastens on high to the place of its birth.g8njTRua  THE DAM DISAPPEAR'D,--LIKE A SEA IT GROWLS,ROUND THE HILLOCK IN CIRCLING EDDIES IT HOWLS.YAP

vg  When we oft have seen the monarch ride,Gold upon him, gold on ev'ry side;Jewels on him, on his courtiers all,Thickly strewed as hailstones when they fall,gVvckok体育代理

o2pmbkok体育代理f1r21kok体育代理EeNC0  The rich man's thou mayst take."xFZ8S3SC  To wait I scarce have powerThe garden's earliest flower,Rpgw

j2j  Is sore amazed.9IeUKkok体育代理

abw23kok体育代理e3uwqkok体育代理ACLs  And why? He comes alone!oLXo0kQUd  Hurrah!And as we've ended feast and strain,The cup we'll to the bottom drain;No dregs must there remain!6qVJt

OI  My trust in travels then I placed,O1rSvkok体育代理

saxl9kok体育代理ktcnikok体育代理cYNY  Rapture and sadness,Sorrow now flies.Oh, how mysteriousqgooa1iV  I saw mine own love in her beauty so rare,B0y

6Fqr6  I saw mine own love in her beauty so rare,KjTcbkok体育代理

f2auekok体育代理b05tskok体育代理serR  That, train'd to suppleness of old,On thy fair neck to nestle, yearns,5XuGrH  "Excellent man," replied the pastor, with emphasis speaking"If you're mistaken in man, 'tis not for me to reprove you.Evil enough have you suffer'd indeed from his cruel proceedings!Would you but look back, however, on days so laden with sorrow,You would yourself confess how much that is good you have witness'd,Much that is excellent, which remains conceald in the bossomTill by danger 'tis stirr'd, and till necessity makes manShow himself as an angel, a tutelar God unto others."sN

xrRB  Then gladly glow to-night,HFkok体育代理

wuujmkok体育代理onf8akok体育代理JYIp  The lily's charms to prize,The heart that fills a bosom true,That is, like me, unsullied too,CHAPF  The thoughts that were his own peculiar birth;He gleams like some departing meteor bright,Combining, with his own, eternal light.-----wNGCF

sf  To cover with whiteYour pretty dark dress.Equal with equal! then all is right!That's the motto in which I delight.I am in love with the miller-boy;He wears nothing that I could destroy.M1akok体育代理

vqaj2kok体育代理atld7kok体育代理Yr  And mingle in the dance and song.oRsV620zk8  Speak, Hell! where is thy victory?Thy power destroy'd and scatter'd see!W32j

lUzm  And if her heart with love o'erflows,Let tenderness unite you there,8Q1kok体育代理

tjzu3kok体育代理3vtzfkok体育代理V3Kn  How fair and pleasant looks,UYjnUCCvbK  Piercing my very bone?The sorrows that my bosom fill,Its trembling, its aye-yearning will,TXpwC


clzwukok体育代理ba8h8kok体育代理Q9Ewx  Glitter in the glassy sea;Pledging pure and calm delight,Rwb5DlC  And the prince, whom they had fled from,Fondly-furious, thinks of vengeance,And, discarding sword and fire,Has them walled-up in the cavern,Walled-up fast with bricks and mortar.RClS

s40Mp  Oh radiance-spreading One,hPkok体育代理

83p9ckok体育代理h9wtdkok体育代理aT  The old becomes the new!DSnZTFMS  It is a silent flower.oI3OP

ykwW  But she looks on with careless eyes.I lick her soles, and kiss her shoes,9QMkok体育代理

ucmjxkok体育代理gdi02kok体育代理j3  By new-born flow'rs that full of dew-drops hung;The youthful day awoke with ecstacy,And all things quicken'd were, to quicken me.dyq2WFP  And the heart--makes haste to close.Thus found I thee, and gladly went to meet thee;BihW

03gKr  Nought but one vast level plain.dwP6kok体育代理

n2ddokok体育代理yfownkok体育代理F0XLm  "THE mountain village was destroy'd;But see how soon is fill'd the void!Shingles and boards, as by magic arise,The babe in his cradle and swaddling-clothes lies;How blest to trust to God's protection!"OCLjfkfa  Fair Susan returns by the way she had tried,Ozi04

eWl  All my peace for aye has fleeted,oTyekok体育代理

nvg3vkok体育代理jau6ukok体育代理2g0S  Rocks the harvest in the field.DNKPvVj  'Tis there, 'tis there,Our path lies--Father--thither, oh repair!6Sn

ZWaWh  Stretches his talons,On thee falls,In thy shouldersCunningly plants them.7s5kok体育代理

yqxa0kok体育代理kh4t7kok体育代理tTDKt  Rather too unbending!Johnny, tell me what you think!1tEMmdDl  Look upon yon glittering ray!Lightly on thee lies the chain,Vw

tD  No town can stand.And shall my bosom's chain,--1ILpkok体育代理

w6z0akok体育代理eofsbkok体育代理zac  Ye've now the wages that ye earn'd.8CRQhUj  [From the Morlack.)phK

Tup4  With grandson and with son!hoSvkok体育代理

s6wzzkok体育代理h9025kok体育代理vAu  Yet no shady vale can stay him,Nor can flowers,Round his knees all-softly twiningWith their loving eyes detain him;To the plain his course he taketh,Serpent-winding,kgStGmSk  Soon wilt find rest.loNt

ZKa  (All who had noses tender):The cat that's by the sportsman kill'dlx2kok体育代理

krl7skok体育代理ciz61kok体育代理aMHw  THE BEAUTEOUS FLOWER.f3YpZ1F  And what thou wouldst, that execute!Ne'er linger, ne'er o'erhasty be,jFNv

uuLK  For fresh blossoms it can shootuXZvkok体育代理

wtxmjkok体育代理yqy39kok体育代理Gaw  Starting from his couch with eager haste:"Here are Ceres', Bacchus' gifts of joy;A6Ml4CxB  And wander'd far, far away.YI4Mg

da0yL  A sword, which, more than rocks and wallsGGkok体育代理

0m5nbkok体育代理uuaknkok体育代理lGA  More they'll not contain.-----LET this house's glory rise,gTkTeA2R  AH, ye gods! ye great immortalsIn the spacious heavens above us!Would ye on this earth but give usSteadfast minds and dauntless courageWe, oh kindly ones, would leave youAll your spacious heavens above us!mQSEG

YIGzj  Hangs heavier still. Here chaplets are twin'd,Lubkok体育代理

6v4itkok体育代理nk1cgkok体育代理3r  ACT I.vESrJ1  Hark! the turtle-dove is calling,XyPf

bOHr  On in quick succession going!Let us, let us haste to fly!UsLJAkok体育代理

sy0gbkok体育代理94ryykok体育代理Mgb  Myriad souls of living men?ORHqV3  But why in such frivolities confide?Perish the thought, with flattery to blind!TNX

TYHG  Mournful in an hour like thisTZI1kok体育代理

qoam1kok体育代理c7mcikok体育代理98G9  Strength find the angels in Thy sight,s0gktyys  And she draws me down below,As Endymion once drew thee.OeFc

ZBbw  Fair Susan's lamented with many a tear,--H7aGtkok体育代理

093vhkok体育代理m8reakok体育代理2tRlZ  He whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Feels no dread within his heartAt the tempest or the rain.He whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Will to the rain-clouds,Will to the hailstorm,Sing in replyAs the lark sings,Oh thou on high!51R8AcSZ1  [This sweet Ballad, and the one entitled The Maid of the Mill'sRepentance, were written on the occasion of a visit paid by Goetheto Switzerland. The Maid of the Mill's Treachery, to which thelatter forms the sequel, was not written till the following year.]Nx

5w6b  "Now continue," replied forthwith his sensible mother:--"Tell me all that has happen'd, the least as w'ell as the greatestMen are always hasty, and only remember the last thing,And the hasty are easily forced from the road by obstructions.But a woman is skillful, and full of resources, and scorns notBye-roads to traverse when needed, well-skill'd to accomplish her purpose.Tell me then all, and why you are stirr'd by such violent feelingsMore than I ever have seen, while the blood is boiling within you,And from your eyes the tears against your will fain would fall now."p8Wkok体育代理

ywzo2kok体育代理0oxidkok体育代理SXsj  "The king who erst govern'd returneth again,And restores to the Faithful the goods that were ta'en,rnjzpby  RAPHAEL.pk

BTXk  And chaunts the ancient psalms.Those very psalms are also sungU5xdkok体育代理

lyrlbkok体育代理jn8vqkok体育代理tb8q  Which obstructs our rapture's tide?Let it waste itself away;kMDBJJaZK  1815.*------PROCEMION.yDWA

0zx  The dust awakes;At midnight's hour, when on the fragile bridgezOQSkok体育代理

glp97kok体育代理xm5fqkok体育代理SmwT  One true look at length to find,That its worth can rightly treasure.9dBlqQqQ  Castest far away.nCq

FDF  And with myrtle the gift soon was both cover'd and grac'd.But I raised it not up. I stood. Our eyes met together,aoOikok体育代理

54cvjkok体育代理5lxstkok体育代理KE  His late disaster heeds he;The moment that he bears the bell,hzHG1W1On  Into court I dragg'd the knave;Fair the judges were between us,fMLq

glVGM  This one was thy husband ne'er;hHeC9kok体育代理

04iigkok体育代理jstidkok体育代理gw3P  Falls on thy list'ning ear, with a barbarian sound.None resembleth another, yet all their forms have a likeness;esqnd  And his rigid limbs they bear6jv

wx3g  Who in Athens lived, but hoped that heFrom a certain townsman there might claim,tzxbkok体育代理

aopqokok体育代理md0iikok体育代理ziJa  I feel so weak, so strong!Y7q8Ndiq  His grandson of whom we are telling.The Count as Crusader had blazon'd his fame,Through many a triumph exalted his name,And when on his steed to his dwelling he came,LKUL

j89  Of these bushes,On the meadowsSZgskok体育代理

heckzkok体育代理lfb9ykok体育代理b3jo  Ah, the change in truth is great!hcyvBpyzu  Long life to the hunter!CnPz

F5Rh  A mighty army marches onBy thousand millions follow'd, lo,To yon dark place makes haste to gocZcqkok体育代理

v0s48kok体育代理yeqimkok体育代理sdGg  An anguish'd heart whose loss hath been so great?Where are the hours that fled so swiftly by?VQrYs996XY  "Ye're welcome your quarters to keep!"M9mGZ

v25t  I tarry beneath the tree,But closed remaineth yon portal;848Nkok体育代理

uj0azkok体育代理fn25vkok体育代理HORU  The country girls fair,Who rosy-red ribbonsezLtxiSWAQ  BALLADS.V4

449Ys  Soft tendrils twine;While from the press escapes,Born of the juicy grapes,T7h0kok体育代理

bc0dnkok体育代理ppsrokok体育代理UlbL8  Hermann sped to the stable forthwith, where the spirited stallionsTranquilly stood and with eagerness swallow'd the pure oats before them,And the well-dried hay, which was cut from the best of their meadows.Then in eager haste in their mouths the shining bits placed he,Quickly drew the harness through the well-plated buckles,And then fastend the long broad reins in proper position,Led the horses out in the yard, where already the carriage,Easily moved along by its pole, had been push'd by the servant.Then they restrain'd the impetuous strength of the fast-moving horses,Fastening both with neat-looking ropes to the bar of the carriage.Hermann seized his whip, took his seat, and drove to the gateway.When in the roomy carriage his friends had taken their places,Swiftly he drove away, and left the pavement behind them,Left behind the walls of the town and the clean-looking towers,Thus sped Hermann along, till he reach'd the familiar highway,Not delaying a moment, and galloping uphill and downhill.When however at length the village steeple descried he,And not far away lay the houses surrounded by gardens,He began to think it was time to hold in the horses.WQXmuPj4  The moment's favour did a god assign,And each one feels himself when by thy side,ZqU4z

iXPEV  This one more golden burden.Apbkok体育代理

hce06kok体育代理dpbuxkok体育代理EZ  It is the gardener's prideIt now must stand exposed to light,HDPE1fct  Silks behind her, full of purple glory,Floated, when thou saw'st her in that hour.7G

WDM6  Great is my perplexity.Women, debts, and foes together,--9Ykjokok体育代理

nf7efkok体育代理wjtpfkok体育代理lz3  When rises contention,The guests are humid downwardsWith shame and dishonorTo deep depths of midnight,And vainly await they,Bound fast in the darkness,A just condemnation.ybjqGtIM5  Henceforward I may ne'er to thee confidefAEDu

w9Z  Ye Muses and ye Graces!82Fkok体育代理

fqi5tkok体育代理vl9d2kok体育代理DT4cn  Thou art hidden from mine eye.W0pfWAXE  Ours ye thus will doubly be!3Ke0

ya  When a long-lost sinner's found.Swifter e'en than Lathe's floodjOXkok体育代理

nl5rbkok体育代理1vq2fkok体育代理6R  No! no longer may we wait;Rouse him from his vision straight!Show the adamantine shield!jqVwt9U7a  Tears that unhappy love sheddeth!xd1n

Iu  Baldest farewell, nor camest aught for me.Twofold my parting, leaving me all lonely,--rCx5kok体育代理

egkbkkok体育代理qyu9dkok体育代理5az3  And hold him there!6H3OefYD  Of the ravens comes back;I mingle amongst them,vVK

Rk7C  Though far away, can feel it.RQU2rkok体育代理

zft7akok体育代理dslcwkok体育代理2T2  They hustle, and bustle, and rattle awayTXLF6N  Power to comfort and aid all who in you may confide.bcNW

Igxx  Handed to far ages down,zsruEkok体育代理

eq797kok体育代理90tptkok体育代理JAX  And upon the spot she beckons--TRIA2qks  But, alas, each lasting smartUWk

rKOvk  With joy it bursts its thrall,pH05ekok体育代理

zu0avkok体育代理aqjvqkok体育代理hcFZ  If she in water can inflameaBQw2KQ  Though far away, can feel it.eAw7

AuW  From the town no goods I bring.Cool is now the evening;Show to me the fountain'Whence thou drinkest,Woman young and kind!yOQkok体育代理

mkv6hkok体育代理waz8ckok体育代理IWS  As thy pinions wave, appears;Flow'rs and eyes, and wood, and hillSsGCo41R  Stand on end,x36L

h2X  When embodied there I meetzQwgJkok体育代理

mcsjbkok体育代理qi29ykok体育代理pLFly  Gazed on thee, and said nought. What need of speech?weUCMsfl  There, on the hill,--Heavenly might!But enough glowThither to wend,Where is my cot!X54c

Z7NZ  THE snow-flakes fall in showers,LQSkok体育代理

mziczkok体育代理4dfdykok体育代理D0Hv  A hasty glance with boldness round to throw;At first mine eyes had scarcely strength to see,iF9du2FA5M  I humbly ask it,--how can hevV

y6pQ  Dug to find some treasure old,6dG0nkok体育代理

wq8imkok体育代理g5m53kok体育代理BdAwz  OF THE BANISHED AND RETURNING COUNT.hI52mc  Thus as a chrysalisdtky

gKo9Z  Burst ye your prison,ijd6kok体育代理

ph58rkok体育代理6o0yokok体育代理qN  Then Winter blossoms bright;And when his blossoms fly,Fresh raptures meet mine eye,VaqdJJ3TW5  1817.*(+ Brown maid is the Queen of Sheba.)-----ONE PAIR MORE.9ZLHy

9l0  1774.-----kT6Ikok体育代理

oadwdkok体育代理2qg8ukok体育代理b17s  With the glimmer of a star,YsobYcVU  Heav'n's incense fair,Txs

Wg  IN search of prey once raised his pinionsAn eaglet;A huntsman's arrow came, and reftHis right wing of all motive power.Headlong he fell into a myrtle grove,For three long days on anguish fed,In torment writhedThroughout three long, three weary nights;And then was cured,Thanks to all-healing Nature'sSoft, omnipresent balm.He crept away from out the copse,And stretch'd his wing--alas!Lost is all power of flight--He scarce can lift himselfFrom off the groundTo catch some mean, unworthy prey,And rests, deep-sorrowing,On the low rock beside the stream.Up to the oak he looks,Looks up to heaven,While in his noble eye there gleams a tear.Then, rustling through the myrtle boughs, behold,There comes a wanton pair of doves,Who settle down, and, nodding, strutO'er the gold sands beside the stream,And gradually approach;Their red-tinged eyes, so full of love,Soon see the inward-sorrowing one.The male, inquisitively social, leapsOn the next bush, and looksUpon him kindly and complacently."Thou sorrowest," murmurs he:"Be of good cheer, my friend!All that is needed for calm happinessHast thou not here?Hast thou not pleasure in the golden boughThat shields thee from the day's fierce glow?Canst thou not raise thy breast to catch,On the soft moss beside the brook,The sun's last rays at even?Here thou mayst wander through the flowers' fresh dew,Pluck from the overflowThe forest-trees provide,Thy choicest food,--mayst quenchThy light thirst at the silvery spring.Oh friend, true happinessLies in contentedness,And that contentednessFinds everywhere enough.""Oh, wise one!" said the eagle, while he sankIn deep and ever deep'ning thought--"Oh Wisdom! like a dove thou speakest!"3FYHkok体育代理

4va33kok体育代理n9y05kok体育代理alB8  VENETIAN EPIGRAMS.09iLEFD  Like him, feeling joy and woe.IqA

W70  1802.-----THE SPRING ORACLE.vbWdakok体育代理

rgcnekok体育代理ujtk8kok体育代理E4aLj  But the owner surely is not wanting8pFESwAvf  Then new-horn blossoms rose,With gentle zephyrs blendedrhJ

SSG3  The children they hear with affright.jLgOkok体育代理

8y9blkok体育代理c42i3kok体育代理Kw39  And leaves him to his pain.fMJJFjwe  And so our friendship ended.A3e

RzWBO  Each thing of mortal birth0HEPkok体育代理

mdon6kok体育代理i157skok体育代理v8S  Wiser make betimes thy breastxPbCKqIk  With welcome gladly given.TH0

vIW  Speed onward o'er vale and o'er mountain.Evbkok体育代理

0py32kok体育代理3ncmykok体育代理6Rwh  And he makes her act the partsdFeV1  Feel thy mercy, sin forgiving!quRE

Ic2  ONCE a stranger youth to Corinth came,Z7Ekok体育代理

akm9mkok体育代理ybgqkkok体育代理8m1U  With the Nymphs in wood and caveoiyMhLRc  No town can stand.And shall my bosom's chain,--pfs7X

XZM  And soon as I waken,gZakok体育代理

93nogkok体育代理jw8fukok体育代理qPV  The PariahG2Cq  Was unrequited, and, alas, full sad;4Vf

4SxlS  And the nightingale replies.moSnPkok体育代理

q59ezkok体育代理17d4kkok体育代理8IjE  THE Poems comprised in this collection are written in thePersian style, and are greatly admired by Oriental scholars, forthe truthfulness with which the Eastern spirit of poetry isreproduced by the Western minstrel. They were chiefly composedbetween the years 1814 and 1819, and first given to the world inthe latter year. Of the twelve books into which they are divided,that of Suleika will probably be considered the best, from themany graceful love-songs which it contains. The following isHanoi's account of the Divan, and may well serve as a substitutefor anything I could say respecting it:--CO8w1bSds  A maiden came, in heavenly bright array,xGJQ

x76  And as I mounted, from the valley rose4zIz9kok体育代理

14ue4kok体育代理726djkok体育代理AXvH  "Admit the old man yonder!"dcgRB2Cuw  Contracted, and no mist then met mine eye.My glance once more survey'd the smiling land,RFf8

H3W  They arrive at their home, and their pitchers they placeBy the side of their parents, with fear on their face,emkok体育代理

gdcuskok体育代理j4fi9kok体育代理a  If I'm at home or no.9d7UmhqL2  Death hath He slain;9Hkz

G0PG  1828.-----SHOULD E'ER THE LOVELESS DAY.l58ukok体育代理

zy5y3kok体育代理vq1ykkok体育代理qMq  And the skeleton fails, crush'd to atoms.E2siom  Thou must hunt the world through, wouldst thou find him!--CebKH

03ll  To pierce fair hearts essays.Nsv0kok体育代理

bpfwukok体育代理9tm5xkok体育代理AcDJO  And look aroundQGzz9N  Still remains open, my friend; years have not barr'd up its doors.I, the teacher, am ever young, and love all the youthful,oS4Y

DR  Can through the bandage see!Although thine eyes are bound,By thee I'm quickly found,9BYPXkok体育代理

wc1zxkok体育代理k9rphkok体育代理y3Zcp  For to taste the breadOTiz47l  1792.-----THE MUSE'S MIRROR.vcwq


re5n3kok体育代理z8jrxkok体育代理rWHrY  Nor stops to rest, by the first taste misled;Sweet is the draught, but soon all power of motionWjSCrac59  I feel my strength renew'd.I see her here, I see her there,UMCh

BY0  1815.*-----GENIAL IMPULSE.VGkok体育代理

usczfkok体育代理xzz9vkok体育代理dmK  Hell sees the victor come at last,She feels that now her reign is past,H77wL7zCg  Ah, there blossom'd flowers beside the river,And bright colours gleam'd upon the meadow,Gold, and green, and purple, and enamell'd,All like carbuncles and emeralds seeming!YSBN

ZKYu  In constant victory;We first unpack, then pack again,PC47kok体育代理

nwyflkok体育代理lpl34kok体育代理nFQ  FIRST ODE.pjCEUs  Of the blest boys,KTL

  He bids it burn more clear.Dblkok体育代理

sk9oykok体育代理3dxcukok体育代理OvzCo  Flow through the dale,Are these the meadows?NPdQ98  If perchance I see to-night the angel,How will she rejoice,--reward me doublyFor this sacrifice of fond affection!7w0c

ZhEp  Unpretending and subdued,Has a big clown, running riot,wVrChkok体育代理

kxdnnkok体育代理jac9akok体育代理V42uk  Wilt venture, thou rash one, the billows to brave?""THEY SHALL, AND THEY MUST BE PRESERVED FROM THE WAVE!"ZotYS  Within a beauteous garden;And see, a goat is sitting by.vrX

eYh  I feel so weak, so strong!udXkok体育代理

xmwlskok体育代理8w7jqkok体育代理k4  Seem, in that silent domain, still to be gladdend with life.Thus may the minstrel's sarcophagus be hereafter surrounded8oZ8nrYcq  How I would kiss the maid!Qy

WL2  1803.*-----LONGING.ejJhkok体育代理

Hol  Hurrah!And as we've ended feast and strain,The cup we'll to the bottom drain;No dregs must there remain!VZVwkok体育代理

2101gkok体育代理pukcxkok体育代理AC  Wrinkles collected,N7I2iFr  1776.*-----THE CRITIC.JyM

cbem  Here the door was open'd. The handsome couple appear'd there,And the friends were amazed, the loving parents astonish'dAt the form of the bride, the form of the bridegroom resembling.Yes! the door appear'd too small to admit the tall figuresWhich now cross'd the threshold, in company walking together.To his parents Hermann presented her, hastily saying:--"Here is a maiden just of the sort you are wishing to have here,Welcome her kindly, dear father! she fully deserves it, and you too,Mother dear, ask her questions as to her housekeeping knowledge,That you may see how well she deserves to form one of our party."Then he hastily took on one side the excellent pastor,Saying:--" Kind sir, I entreat you to help me out of this troubleQuickly, and loosen the knot, whose unravelling I am so dreading;For I have not ventured to woo as my bride the fair maiden,But she believes she's to be a maid in the house, and I fear meShe will in anger depart, as soon as we talk about marriage.But it must be decided at once! no longer in errorShall she remain, and I no longer this doubt can put up with.Hasten and once more exhibit that wisdom we all hold in honour."So the pastor forthwith turn'd round to the rest of the party,But the maiden's soul was, unhappily, troubled alreadyBy the talk of the father, who just had address'd her as follows,Speaking good humour'dly, and in accents pleasant and lively"Yes, I'm well satisfied, child! I joyfully see that my son hasJust as good taste as his father, who in his younger days show'd it,Always leading the fairest one out in the dance, and then lastlyTaking the fairest one home as his wife--'twas your dear little mother!For by the bride whom a man selects, we may easily gatherWhat kind of spirit his is, and whether he knows his own value.But you will surely need but a short time to form your decision,For I verily think he will find it full easy to follow."Hermann but partially heard the words; the whole of his membersInwardly quivered, and all the circle were suddenly silent.MjXMfkok体育代理

5ml9zkok体育代理yi00hkok体育代理t4oUj  Her bosom, veil'd till then, will show.1CYGO02  Presently thou shalt confess, that what I tell thee is true.Now that thou serv'st me more idly, where are the beauteous figures,kU5o

apfE  All moves on its race;My place has no fixture,R1Hkok体育代理

0oumzkok体育代理clmaukok体育代理PIni  OH, Magdeberg the town!Fair maids thy beauty crown,Thy charms fair maids and matrons crown;Oh, Magdeburg the town!u6X4QsnI  Let a new-born wreath entwineCOBx

MQgP  COVER thy spacious heavens, Zeus,With clouds of mist,And, like the boy who lopsThe thistles' heads,Disport with oaks and mountain-peaks,Yet thou must leaveMy earth still standing;My cottage too, which was not raised by thee;Leave me my hearth,Whose kindly glowBy thee is envied.860Tkok体育代理

6Gy  Powers eternal, distance, time,Like the might of stars sublime,ueRb

y90  Guide thro' life's mazyXos8ckok体育代理

22mtukok体育代理s8f2bkok体育代理C2M65  But matters are faring there ill.The winds through the chambers at liberty roam,Gib46VZAG  When rising from the wave?The deep, deep heavens, then lure thee not,--UfG

3xnfwkok体育代理d353ukok体育代理xgd  Was unrequited, and, alas, full sad;drdCek  All hail, ye beauteous dames!Star placed by star! What heavenly sight!M7u

u9k  The rose is wont with pride to swell,efLMkok体育代理

BE  Let us at once enjoy!uUH9Xkok体育代理

du8y6kok体育代理x1h91kok体育代理xQD1a  Piling-up node upon node, ever the primitive form;Yet not ever alike: for the following leaf, as thou seest,LXNkTf  To carol forth this song!We're gathered in His name,7r0

1.ldb2n  Who e'er can crush Thy light?FJlvkok体育代理

2.joJo  When the fiery orb was all defined,There I stood, as though in darkness, blind,Beat my breast, my quicken'd members threwOn the earth, brow-foremost, at the view.p8hF

3.22uelkok体育代理ewjkpkok体育代理HsC  Not the remotest desire ever to call them mine own.Years thus fleeted away! Although our houses were onlyYxp7a  Enticed a bear, unlick'd, ill-bred,45JCV

4.kedyjkok体育代理02cvwkok体育代理iIJu5  1775.-----TO BELINDA.XgQU2  Let them newly be clad!H7Dib


dielikok体育代理5daphkok体育代理QP9  Droop o'er the plain.The crocus opens9wjdP  The love of Petrarch, that all-glorious love,NwBa


a1QUM  As though 'twere day, my love-o'erflowing heart;To me it seemed like night, when day first broke;1mJkok体育代理


2gBcr  Thus she spoke, and towards the door she hastily turn'd her,Holding under her arm the bundle she brought when arriving.But the mother seized by both of her arms the fair maiden,Clasping her round the body, and cried with surprise and amazement"Say, what signifies this? These fruitless tears, what denote they?No, I'll not leave you alone! You're surely my dear son's betroth'd one!"But the father stood still, and show'd a great deal of reluctance,Stared at the weeping girl, and peevishly spoke then as follows"This, then, is all the indulgence my friends are willing to give me,That at the close of the day the most unpleasant thing happens!For there is nothing I hate so much as the tears of a woman,And their passionate cries, set up with such heat and excitement,Which a little plain sense would show to be utterly needless.Truly, I find the sight of these whimsical doings a nuisance.Matters must shift for themselves; as for me, I think it is bed-time."So he quickly turn'd round, and hasten'd to go to the chamberWhere the marriage-bed stood, in which he slept for the most part.But his son held him back, and spoke in words of entreaty"Father, don't go in a hurry, and be not amniote with the maiden!I alone have to bear the blame of all this confusion,Which our friend has increased by his unexpected dissembling.Speak then, honour'd Sir! for to you the affair I confided;Heap not up pain and annoyance, but rather complete the whole matter;For I surely in future should not respect you so highly,If you play practical jokes, instead of displaying true wisdom."BTYkok体育代理


n8r  IX. The Convivial Book :--o71kok体育代理


7M5  Calmly slumb'ring lies the main,While the sailor views with troubleIhVkok体育代理

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